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Who we are

… a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you!


Unique Handcrafted Distillery

Krucefix is a unique handcrafted distillery located not far away from a historically rich town Tržič, Slovenia. Whose roots and the first written signs goes far back to the Roman Empire and futher. Right there at the foothills on the sunny side of Karavankas Alps. Where the mighty mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps, begin to the sea altitude. In the immediate vicinity of antique Loibl pass in region covered with spruce forests, low bushy pines and highest grown juniper hazels. Away from the hustle with clean air, fertile lands is based distillery which is feed with crystal Alpine water and uses only finest ingredients.

Hand picked at specific locations around the streams, springs and waterfalls. On the altitude between 1000 meters, up to 1900 m and higher. Those pine trees, other plants and ingredients are saturated with most active & organoleptic substances and essential oils. As they must to defy cold weather during the long winters. Along the summer, take an advantage of warm sunshine for their growth and survival.


Live with the nature, is one of theirs main drivers that lead them on  way of creation. Whole Krucefix range are 100% natural products withouth any chemical preservatives, artificial colours or emulsifiers. The Spirits contain only quality alcohol fermented entirely from the tree, plant or fruit used. Those facts sets them apart from other eau de vie distilleries.

Liqueurs are dilutabled from Alps live water, natural sugar and a syrup extracted from the tree cone, fruit or plant. Because of their dedication to hand work, harvesting ingredients in the surrounding mountains, distilling small special batches, etc. Are annual quantities of Krucefix’s Eau de Vie, Spirits, Liqueurs very limited.