Origin of the name

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For the impression of the name, we went far far away into our history. To find out who we actually are and where we actually living all our lives. Throughout our very rich cultural history was our region very important in the times of Roman Empire and before. We had and still have the first ever built Alpine mountain pass called, Ljubelj. Were moving upper on the historical timeline and find out, that our village was the first time called Križe( Cross) somewhere around 14 century.

Why Cross you ask? Because in that time the Christian missionaries arrived in the region and put the first Cross on the land where the village Križe (en. Cross) stands until this day. About a 100 years later, the villagers built a church, by the name ”Cerkev povišanja Sv. Križa” (en. Church of St. Cross). Afterwards, the stations of the cross were built, leading to the top of our mother mountain. What is really impressive is that the altitude difference between the first and fourteenth step is more than 913 meters.

Soon after the mountain above got the name Kriška Gora (en. Cross Mountain). We had to accept that around us are many crosses as well in our history. In the middle of 15. century first Furmanas arrived in this area. They were known for using the swear word, Krucefix while they were flogging the horses to get them moving the cart forward. According to the testimony of ancient Slovenians, this swear word Krucefix, was often used in our region for centuries moving on from generation to generation. But now in the last thirty to forty years it has almost despair from peoples language.

We decided, the word Krucefix needs to be reawaken in the human history again. We are going to be its horses to push KRUCEFIX word and make it well known again. It is the one and the only word that needs to be well known and placed back into our village, Križe (en. Cross).