DTG GIN Scabiosa Trenta


Scabiosa Trenta Dry Tergeste Gin is a bundle of pure juniper distillate and a unique cherry coffee distillate refreshingly rounded with a distillate made from spruce needles.

Alcohol content: 40% by Vol.

– based ingredient: juniper, coffee cherry, spruce
– clean water from the Alps
– fermented
– maceration
– 2 times distilled
– small batch
– organic
– without any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or emulsifiers
– methanol, butanol, aldehydes, isopropyl phenols are removed

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DTG GIN is a special gin category. Botanicals are fermented and distilled individually. No grain or grape neutral spirits are used.
A harmonious taste of the DTG GIN Scabiosa Trenta is a reflection of the Tergeste region where the Mediterranean faces the Alps.
DTG GIN Scabiosa Trenta was inspired by the life of Mr. Julius Kugy. He was at the beginning of the 20th century a well known Trieste coffee trader and botanist who had searched for a mysterious flower Scabiosa Trenta in the Julian Alps. DTG GIN Scabiosa Trenta is a blend of juniper, coffee cherry & spruce distillates.

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