DTG GIN Duino Elegy


DTG GIN Duino Elegy is a botanical blend of the following distillates: juniper, coffee cherry, thyme and elderflower, rounded with a coriander flavor, obtained by maceration of coriander seeds.

Alcohol content: 40% by Vol.

– based ingredient: juniper, coffee cherry, thyme, elderflower, coriander
– clean water from the Alps
– fermented
– maceration
– 2 times distilled
– small batch
– organic
– without any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or emulsifiers
– methanol, butanol, aldehydes, isopropyl phenols are removed

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DTG GIN is a special gin category. Botanicals are fermented and distilled individually. No grain or grape neutral spirits are used.
DTG GIN Duino Elegy was inspired by the poetry of Reiner Maria Rilke. In 1912 Rilke was invited to Duino Castle by Princess Marie von Thurn und Taxis. A floral taste of the Dry Tergeste Gin you have in your hands is a reflection of this place, where Rilke while walking along the cliffs overlooking the Adriatic sea, claimed to hear a voice calling to him speaking the words of the first line of the first DTG GIN Duino Elegy. Duino Elegy DTG is a blend of juniper, coffee cherry, thyme, elderflower distillates & additionally flavored with coriander seeds.

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