Cookies are small text files that are downloaded on user”s computer with his visit of the website. Cookies settings are stored on the site, text size, language, etc. On the server, where they are located, identify the computer and using them to collect data for analyzing websites, the contents which have been most viewed, data of registered users, data of filled forms, etc …

The types of cookies that we use on our website

Session cookies

A session cookie is created with the opening of website and are deleted as soon as you close the window. A session cookie is used to store information in cases such as language selection, tab where you are, text size, language, etc …

Third-party or. partners cookies

Third-party cookies are used for a variety of web analytics, online advertising, social networks, etc …

Details about used third-party cookies:

Google Analytics is used to analyze visits, average time spent on the site, measure most popular content of the site, location of the internet intermediaries, information about the visitor”s browser and from where a visitor came.